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The primary purpose of the Shelter Operations Committee is to assist in the (a) planning, (b) resourcing, (c) opening, (d) operation and (e) closing of disaster recovery shelters and evacuation centers on the Coastside.

The Shelter Operations Committee is representative of agencies and organizations that are partnering for the purpose of operating Coastside disaster shelters.  Shelters are opened in response to natural and man-made disasters, such as wildfires, home fires, earthquakes, floods, and other mass casualty events.

Partnering organizations may include the Coastside Emergency Corps (CEC), Coastside CERTs, County of San Mateo, City of Half Moon Bay, Puente, law enforcement, fire protection agencies, school districts, and the American Red Cross, as well as other Coastside public service groups, faith-based and private groups which provide disaster response and recovery.  The Committee is chaired by an experienced Red Cross representative.

Local city and county governments designate and open shelters (usually public buildings like schools and recreation centers).  They request support from the local Red Cross to support them in accordance with existing MOUs with the Red Cross.  If Red Cross is not available, the city or county will staff them from their resources including their own staff, CERT team members, or other volunteers.

In summary, the Shelter Operations Committee will focus on assisting CEC and its members in understanding a wide range of shelter activities, such as:

Shelter Preparedness:

  • Shelter identification and inspections
  • Training and exercises
  • Resources, including shelter trailers
  • Relationships with local agencies

Shelter Activation:

  • Registration and information
  • Dormitory and feeding
  • Physical health and mental health care
  • Child care
  • Recovery Plans and referrals
  • Interactions with EOC and Job Director

For more information on Shelter Operations, contact Chris Orman.

Click here for more information on the American Red Cross.